“Our open rates are 30% higher, our lists feel like they are in a relationship with us, they look forward to our emails – and they respond like we’re talking to them as individuals. We’ve seen an increase in our direct web traffic by about 300% (that’s traffic coming as a direct result of the emails sent). ” April Gregory, AG Consulting

“Very well written article. Cathleen is a joy to work with.” Grant D. at CleverEggs.com on “The top 10 jobs for Irish gardens in January“.

“Cathleen’s work is simply marvellous! On time, very well written, and neatly presented. I recommend her 100%.” Praful, Niteo Partners Consulting

“Cathi is the most multi-talented brilliant person I know . . . ” Jerry Diamond, Sustainable Cedar County

“+ + + FANTASTIC + + + + + + TERRIFIC + + + How lucky I was to discover Cathleen. She has some great skills that make her the perfect journalistic freelancer to work with. She is insightful, brilliant, and most of all, patient. I am very glad that I discovered her – and look forward to working with her again – OFTEN.” Robert Katz, International Firefighter, Rockville, MD

Anonymous Endorsements:

“Cathleen was the only writer of our initial group who hit the mark on the first set of instructions without any further direction. Her exceptional content also made our design team consider other approaches to deliver our users’ messages via their websites. She also followed up after the order was complete to confirm that our requirements were met. We will continue to utilize Cathleen’s expertise in those categories and sites where we know she will excel.”

“Cathleen nailed the first project I hired her for, writing clearly, concisely, and authoritatively on a complex topic of great interest to the target audience. I am looking forward to many more great articles from this skilled writer.”


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