“Cathleen is the most multi-talented brilliant person I know . . . ” Jerry Diamond, Sustainable Cedar County

Are you looking for a brilliant and dynamic writer with a large range of expertise and experiences? Do you want the absolute best in web content and copywriting? How about a hardworking, creative individual who has an obsession with getting work done on time and flawless? Congratulations, you just found me!

Content Writing

As a writer, I am in the top 1% of content writers out of over 22,000 on Elance, the top 10% of blog, article and business writers on oDesk, and have exceptional feedback on all the sites I works with. With a highly-varied background, I bring a unique perspective and out-of-the-box thinking to your work. Green and conventional construction, renewable energy, marketing, conversion ratio and rate improvement, automotive mechanics, a large range of arts and crafts, sustainable agriculture, local foods, primitive skills, natural healing and plant science are just a few of the many areas I have worked in through the years. I have also covered the political scene, constitutional issues and self-defense commentary.

Digital Marketing and Business Promotion

With over 18 years’ experience in online marketing, product descriptions and copywriting, I can produce exceptional copy for your website, social media pages, press releases, SEO content, white pages, blog posts, articles and so much more! From basic how-to’s to in-depth articles on marketing and promotion concepts, I can provide awesome content writing for your organization.

Emergency Management and Disaster Response

As a founding member of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Auxiliary, a Red Cross volunteer and a first responder with over 20 years in the field, I have extensive training in a variety of emergency management and disaster response skills combined with over eighteen years’ experience in the field. Do you need someone to put together a sensible emergency response plan for your business, organization or school? If you don’t have one, or it’s outdated, you do! Remember, an emergency is something you’re not prepared for; planning prevents an unexpected occurrence from turning into a preventable tragedy.

Organic Gardening, Sustainable Agriculture and Local Foods

With over ten years’ experience in local food production, organic gardening and sustainable farming systems, in addition to a Master of Science in Plant Science, I have the expertise and experience to weave exceptional pieces for your publication, blog or website. As a co-founder of the Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance, an organization aimed at transitioning southwest Missouri from oil dependence through local food, local energy and local economy, I co-wrote the County Restoration Handbook, focusing my writing on baking with whole grains, creating naturally productive growing systems, long-term food storage and raising small livestock.

Green Living and Construction

Growing up in a contractor’s family, it’s no surprise that I have over two decades’ experience in the construction industry, spanning everything from industrial and commercial construction to residential and advanced DIY work. I currently live on a small farm in the southwest Missouri Ozarks with my husband and our daughter. We are building an addition onto our farmhouse using green construction techniques, renewable energy, water recycling systems, rainwater cisterns and solar heating. We’ve begun converting our gardens to cedar raised beds, and wildcrafting is a year-round event on our farm.

I’ve always had a deep interest in history, not for the sake of itself but for how people lived in the past. Shortly after we married, we found ourselves essentially homeless and through a series of misdaventures, camped without electricity or running water six of the first seven months of our marriage. While in the wilderness that is the more rural areas of the Missouri Ozarks, we discovered how pioneers created cob mortar, stone foundations, campfire cooking and baking, water conservation, animal husbandry and other primitive skills that we had not already developed. We also discovered the deep and abiding faith we could have in each other while building our first home with nothing more than basic hand tools, natively-available resources and our collective hands and minds.




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