Digital Summit Dallas 2015

This past week, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into getting ready for my first marketing conference. I’ve worked conferences a time or two in the past, but not under my own banner, so it was really exciting to get everything put together.

The drive was a little long, but definitely well worth it. I may have to check out the Amish restaurant on the way home that had free wifi offered – that just sounds too amusing to pass up. But today was the first day of the conference, following a long drive and a late night spent catching up a client who needed some last-minute help.

I attended an awesome content marketing workshop this morning that really gave me a lot of ideas on where I need to take this site and my clients in terms of writing services. You’ll start seeing a lot more action taking place in the next few weeks as those ideas come to life. I’m planning on reviving a few ideas I’ve tossed around in the past, and you’ll have access to a lot more information to help get your business ahead of the game when it comes to content marketing and marketing management.

I also had the opportunity to hang out with some really awesome people this evening at a reception and hope to leverage some of those contacts to your advantage over the upcoming months. I had a brief moment of panic when I realized my car keys were underneath all the pens, business cards and fliers I’d picked up, but they were safely recovered without having to send in a crack team of archaeologists. I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s offerings and will share more as I wrap up in Dallas tomorrow evening and get ready for the long drive back to Missouri.


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