Frequently Asked Questions

In what kind of business writing do you have experience?

I have written web content and copywriting for B2B and B2C situations, providing strong marketing materials, brand stories, social media and blog posts, in-depth industry articles, consumer guides, ebooks, press releases, business reports, advertorials, product descriptions, press kits, direct-mail pieces, newsletters, emails and everything in between. You’ll find that my versatile approach to your business’ communications provides you with great material that can be bent to a variety of different uses.

What are your rates?

I typically charge a flat rate based on the depth, type and length of a project, and am willing to work with clients to find a solution that is within their budget. From a basic blog post at $50 to completely customized ebooks, direct response and other high-end work running into the thousands, my clients find my rates as a professional content and copywriter to be quite reasonable. If you’re not sure how long or involved your project will be, contact me and we’ll work out the details to get you started.

How do I hire you for my project?

Use my Contact Me page to get a quote. I’ll need to know the project type in terms of whether it is for a blog post, web page, social media status post, ebook, white paper, press release or similar designation. If you’re working with specific SEO terms, those are also very helpful to have, though I can also provide SEO research as part of my service. I’ll also need to know a rough length and deadline. Any information you can give me on your audience and the voice you’d like used would also be helpful, though not absolutely necessary. When you receive my quote, it includes a project brief, which will need to be agreed upon along with your deposit.

I like what I’m hearing – how do I pay you?

I can accept PayPal, money order or check; if you’re local to the Springfield or Joplin, Missouri areas, I can also arrange to meet up for cash payment or to further discuss your project. I have also been known to work in trade on occasion, provided it’s worked out before we begin and is stated in the project brief.

The deadline was moved up/I need this yesterday!

I love scifi, but as much as I wish I had a time travel device, I don’t. Fortunately, I can do rush orders, provided my schedule is otherwise open at the time. Give me a call or email me, and I’ll let you know as quickly as possible if I have an opening for you.

Do you offer any other services?

I do, depending on what you need completed. I can find royalty-free images to match the piece, take some custom photography, do light graphics design work and many more options that help make your life easier. Please contact me for more information on these services!

What are your terms?

Projects under $100 must be paid in full prior to the start of work. Prior to beginning larger orders, a deposit of 50% of the project total for projects under $1,000 or 25% for projects over $1,000 is required. Copyright passes to you upon payment in full of the remaining balance.

What if I’m not happy with it?

Nobody’s artistic vision is quite the same, and though almost all my projects hit the mark in the first draft, I do include two sets of revisions with every project or project page, provided that it is within 30 days of your receipt of the piece and that it does not change the direction, format or scope of the project.

What if the project is cancelled after the writing is complete?

If a project is terminated after the project is complete, full payment of the agreed-upon fee is still expected. After all, you don’t tell your mechanic you don’t want the engine fixed after the work has been approved and it’s done and expect to not pay, do you?


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