Getting Ready for the BICSI Fall Convention

I’m so excited to be reporting from beautiful, historical San Antonio for the BICSI Fall Convention. One of my oldest private clients, Rob Hawkins of Esticom, was kind enough to offer to pay my way into the convention and it’s looking like a very interesting mix with the combination of the focus that brought our companies into partnership through construction as well as my personal interest in digitization and where the fourth industrial revolution is taking us. Here’s a quick look at what I’m hoping to accomplish during the conference.

Getting Ready for the BICSI Fall Convention

  • Esticom! Talk about a first-world problem, but I rarely get the opportunity to meet and hang out with my clients! I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to hang out with Rob and get to know their company better. I’ve written for a few different construction estimating software companies, but this is by far my favorite. Esticom has a solid grasp of where digitization is taking the construction industry and is solidly positioned for strong growth with amazing tools!
  • Hilti Tools! As a construction writer, I’ve written a few pieces covering their ridiculously rugged tools for Wallboard Supply Company over the years. They’ve been included in a number of reviews that I’ve put together, and I’ve always been impressed by their durability. When you want serious industrial-grade performance and longevity in your tools, Hilti is the way to go.
  • Checking out what GIS Trimble is up to at the conference. I’ve written about their utility locating products in the past for E.J. Prescott and their related companies, but haven’t had a chance to play with any of their equipment or materials live, so it should be an interesting learning experience all the way around.
  • As a serious volunteer in disaster relief and emergency response, I’m hoping to talk to the folks at Brother Mobile. I use their office products fairly effectively in my home operation and want to see what they have to offer in the field of emergency response. If it’s half as rugged as it looks, I may have to put it up on the list for potential equipment for the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Auxiliary, right up next to our off-lease Panasonic Toughbooks.

So that’s a quick glance at what I’m going to be getting into first thing tomorrow morning. Until then, I hope to get a chance to meet a few new people at the expo and maybe even gather in a few new clients. Tune back in tomorrow afternoon to see what’s brewing at BICSI’s 2018 Fall Convention. Need a content writer to rock your blog, content, website or social media? Hit the Contact Me link above to get started.



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