Watch for the Farmer’s Wife SME Management guides . . .

It’s been pretty quiet on my business site recently, but thought I’d go ahead and put up a quick note about some upcoming

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Gettin’ er done for over 5,000 years.

announcements for my new Farmer’s Wife series of small business management posts and guides – straight talk about SME management with no bull and plain common sense.

Why the Farmer’s Wife? Farmers are some of the busiest people I know, much like small business owners. They also have to wear many hats. The farmer’s wife is even busier – not only does she keep the farm running, she also works hard to raise her family and keep things looking great on the homefront. A farmer’s wife doesn’t have a lot of time for pretty, pie-in-the-sky advertising, she needs to find out what’s needed in a concise, timely fashion. The Farmer’s Wife promises to deliver valuable information on how to set up, manage and grow a small- or medium-sized business in a concise fashion that doesn’t waste your precious time.

This series is going to cover a wide variety of business topics and specific industries, including business start-up, HR, marketing, customer base growth and retention, customer service, lowering overhead and many other topics. I’ll delve into hospitality, construction, business services, manufacturing, service businesses and many more to give you the details on the specific needs of those industries. It’s going to be a fun ride, and you’ll learn a lot – just hang out and see where we go.


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