Goats and Gardens – New Clients

I’ve been rather busy the past several weeks working with a couple new clients that are allowing me to use my agricultural knowledge.

The first, The Goat Spot, is an awesome online forum and reference board who has had me working on a variety of articles for their site. I’m going to be covering a number of additional areas, but already have posts up regarding genetics and breeding programs, some basic illnesses, marketing and farm business, crafts and similar goat-related writings. I was surprised to realize I was already up to several dozen articles there.

The second is Clonmel Garden Centre in Ireland. It’s been really fun writing for an overseas audience and finding out what they do differently and why, as well as having the opportunity to exchange ideas with gardeners there. I’ve put together posts on winter gardening tasks, bird care, setting up a lawn care schedule and, most recently, a piece on seed potatoes. They’ve got a few varieties over there that are drought resistant that I’d like to try in Missouri, especially following the 2011 and 2012 droughts.

Having the opportunity to work with these clients has given me some great new ideas for our farm, including some fencing upgrades, easier gardening solutions, alternative dewormers and other farming concerns. I’m almost reconsidering adding more goats to our farmstead, but we’ll just have to see how that goes. Eric has regularly made comments comparing goats to their demonic imagery; he claims on a regular basis that the goats are lying in wait for him to leave the gate open for a few seconds too long or if he doesn’t fasten it exactly the right way 😉 I think that may end up putting the kibosh on the goat idea . . .


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