My Stats

So I decided to take a look at what kind of work I’ve accomplished since I started freelance writing full-time back in August:

I’m a top 1% content writer out of over 22,000 on Elance, a top 10% article and blog writer on oDesk, and my feedback on every site I work on is between four and five stars, most of them much closer to five.

Since mid-August, I’ve written well over 100,000 words for hire, mainly through Writer Access. I’ve updated my LinkedIn profile, started a website (you’re looking at the second version of it), have signed up with what seems like a zillion writing services, had my website reviewed (hence the second version of it) and otherwise generally chased my tail.

I hadn’t expected this to take off as well as it has; I’m working part-time from home, which has always been fun, but it hasn’t necessarily paid the bills. I’m really excited about the fact that people seem to really like my writing and that this is something I may actually have a chance at being successful in.


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